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Educationery is the first ever educational stationery line for students!   

Study smarter

Avoid last minute cramming

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My Mission 

I'm Jessica Holsman (AKA Study With Jess), and I'm the founder of Educationery, as well as a YouTuber, actor, writer, producer and author! Growing up, I spent years focusing only on my grades and stressing unnecessarily, while desperately needing to implement some changes to my overall study approach. Over time, (and with a little help from my family and friends!) I learned how to study more effectively, prioritize my own well-being and adopt a more positive mindset and outlook to life. I’ve spent the last few years making videos on YouTube that have, and continue to inspire and motivate millions of students around the world to study smarter, stress less and live a healthier life! 

I’ve made it my mission to take the stress out of studying and ensure you feel more supported every step of the way. That's why I designed each Educationery planner and book specifically to guide you through planning and completing your homework, assignments and class projects, as well as help you to study effectively for upcoming exams.  

I believe that life shouldn't be about striving for perfection. It's about doing your best, enjoying the journey and building a future you love!

xo Jess



How can I help you? 

  • My range of planners and books are designed to help you study smarter! Structure your assignments, be motivated to get your homework done and study for exams effectively with the help of these unique study templates!

  • Read my latest blog posts to learn more about how you can increase your productivity, live a more organized life and improve your grades. (Join my newsletter to receive weekly emails and updates on new posts!)

  • Watch my videos on YouTube for more study inspiration, motivation and study tips!

  • Read my study skills book 'The High School Survival Guide' for more tips and tricks, advice and support as you enter high school.

  • Download my online tutorials on the Educationery website for a detailed step-by-step approach to studying and love learning at your own pace! 


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All products are manufactured using stock from responsible forestry practices.