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Jessica Holsman is an Australian social influencer, entrepreneur, and best selling author. Her passion for empowering students to succeed in school, celebrate their unique qualities and pursue a meaningful and purposeful life has led her to become the voice of many teens and young adults online. 

With over 24 million views on her YouTube channel ‘Study With Jess’, Jess continues to shed light on the important issues effecting many students and young adults today and offers her ongoing support in helping them increase their motivation and productivity, boost their confidence and step into their power and embrace their authenticity.   

Jess has also co-produced her latest web series Life of Jess, a scripted teen ‘dramedy’ on YouTube and stared in Mind Full, a documentary on e-mental health. 

She is the founder of Educationery, the first educational stationery line for students, and the published author of the Amazon best-selling study skills book, The High School Survival Guide.


"I believe that life shouldn't be about striving for perfection. It's about doing your best, enjoying the journey and building a future you love!" - Jess x





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The High School Survival Guide

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"This book is everything I wish I knew when I was in high school." - Pritish Agarwal - Partner Manager, YouTube.

“This is a really sweet, encouraging handbook to have during a time when we all need that extra motivation and support.” – Natalie Tran, The Community Channel

“High School Survival Guide teaches you how to survive both school and life!" - Lenoria Addison, Partner Manager, AwesomenessTV

"Jess shares a mature, inspirational and accessible survival guide for every teenager trying to navigate these exciting times. Highly recommended!" - Guillaume Deront, Country Manager, Gleam Futures


Let's be honest, we were all told to study hard in high school but none of us were ever taught HOW to study, let alone how to balance the increasing workload and demands of teenage life. If you're having trouble improving your grades, getting organised, and feeling on top of it all, the problem isn't you. It's not that you're not hardworking, intelligent or able to succeed, but that you haven't yet been given the tools that will actually help you to not only survive but THRIVE in school and life!

So many students feel anxious, stressed and overwhelmed at the thought of starting high school because they think it means they are going to be given so much homework they will feel like they’re drowning. They feel a huge pressure to succeed so they start sacrificing their social life, hobbies, even their own down-time and throw themselves head first into their studies. They start to neglect the other areas of their lives and this only makes the whole process even more stressful and way too often, their grades actually suffer!

But what if I told you that you don’t have to fall into this trap and be like these students? That you can totally LOVE high school and that your journey is going to be filled with forming amazing friendships, growing your confidence, excelling academically, feeling proud of your achievements and at the same time, feeling 100% supported the entire time! You don’t have to sacrifice your life to get through high school and I am going to show you step-by-step exactly how to do it and become your most organised, productive, motivated and confident self!

My grandmother, who is full of wisdom but also fiery like the Mediterranean blood coursing through her veins, shared something with me that I always keep in mind, especially as I wrote this book. One day, when I was feeling overwhelmed, she ask me, “Jessica, how do you eat an elephant?” Then she answered, “One bite at a time.”

This is exactly what I do in The High School Survival Guide. In this book, I help you focus on each area of your life one step (or bite) at a time, from getting ready for a new school year, setting up the ideal study space, organising your schedule and creating the ultimate study routine and strategically and effectively revising for exams, to building your overall confidence, tackling study-stress and anxiety, avoiding burnout, setting effective goals, and adopting a success driven mindset that sees results!

This book is for you if:

Whether you want to improve your grades, stress less, get organised, re-gain your confidence, or boost your motivation and productivity, The High School Survival Guide will teach you how to get the MOST out of your high school experience.

Inside, you'll learn:

  *  How to identify which study techniques work best for YOU

  *  How to organise your study space and increase your productivity

  *  What is the best way to structure your study schedule

  *  How to set effective goals and overcome barriers to success

  *  How to adopt a success driven mindset

  *  How to improve your focus during class

  *  How to plan out your major assignments and projects effectively

  *  What to do if you experience failure or setbacks

  *  How to overcome perfectionist traits and the pressure to succeed

  *  What is the best way to study and revise for your exams

  *  How to avoid burnout and manage study related stress and anxiety

  *  How to throw the ultimate study party and make revising fun!

  *  How to figure out what to do after high school

It’s also filled with study tips and tricks, mini summaries and helpful exercises to put your new skills into practice!

You'll also discover stories from my high school and university experience and how I went from feeling incredibly anxious, overworked and drowning under the pressure to succeed, to completely changing my approach to my studies and life in general and receiving a full scholarship to study in university, graduating from psychology with honours in the top 5% of my degree, and building a life and business I love!

I wrote this book because, I believe strongly in empowering and supporting each other and the importance of sharing our stories to help others. My passion is empowering students like you, to succeed in school, celebrate their unique qualities and pursue a meaningful and purposeful life.

Most important, this book is about to make you unstoppable.


More praise for The High School Survival Guide:

“This is a great book for everyone going into high school and those students already in high school! I love how Jess uses personal examples from her school to relate to her readers. This was a great read and I would 10/10 recommend it! Wish I could give it 6 stars!” – Amazon customer review

“This is an amazing book, that motivates me to be better at school and to have more management of my life. Really good.” – Amazon customer review 

“AMAZING BOOK! LOVE YOU JESS! XOXO” – Amazon customer review

“I absolutely loved this book. Not only did it manage to hold my attention, but it also considered a topic that is not addressed often as an entire book. One of the most favourable parts were the random tips and tricks throughout the book! – Amazon customer review

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