Welcome to my support column! (Dear Jess)

by Jessica Holsman

For almost a year now I have been thinking about starting a support column and I'm pleased to say that I have I finally committed and taken the plunge! 

As many of you already know, I have a postgraduate diploma in psychology and have worked on crisis help lines, run support groups and volunteered in the mental health space for many years. I have released a web series all about mental health and regularly enjoy sharing my tips for how to be our happiest, healthiest selves (mind, body and soul!).

I am passionate about helping others and ever since starting my YouTube channel Study With Jess, I have received hundreds of emails from my viewers, sharing their dilemmas, asking for advice and turning to me in the hope of finding some extra support and encouragement. I thrive on the ability to make a positive impact and inspire students of today. I take my responsibility as a positive role model very seriously and have devoted hours worth of my time every week to answering the many questions I receive in my inbox.

While I still plan on doing my best to respond to all of those emails, facebook messages, instagram comments and dm's, I strongly believe that starting an advice column will help to continue to foster a strong online community where we can share our troubles and support each other.

I’ve called my column ‘Dear Jess’ and each week I will answer one of your questions about school life, mental health, studying, friendship or any other challenge you might be experiencing during teen and young adult life. Oh, and not to worry because all questions will remain anonymous and I will reword them if need be so that your identity is protected! 

If you have any problems you want to write in, message me or send me an email to studywithjessofficial@gmail.com and your question just might be featured in an upcoming post!  

Love, Jess x

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