10 Books Every Student Should Read in 2017!

by Study With Jess

After immersing myself in some fantastic books this year, I am SO excited to share 10 of my favourite reads with you today! These novels have helped me over time in all aspects of life and they all contain great messages, so I hope that they also help you. These books range from dealing with school and keeping organized at home, to setting life-long goals and finding inspiration. Let’s get reading!

Organizational & Study Skills

Feeling like you haven’t quite got the knack of staying organized and on top of your busy life? These are the reads for you! Whether it is for your personal life or school studies, these novels have really assisted my approach to an organized life.

  • Work Smarter Live Better – Cyril Papillon

I absolutely adore this book. It has really taught me to think about getting jobs done in a different way. It focuses on how to tackle your to do lists and practice self discipline. If you struggling with procrastination and feeling overwhelmed by your large to do lists, I would really recommend reading this book.

  • Organized Enough – Amanda Sullivan

Life isn’t perfect, so we don’t need to be perfectionists. This book takes a great attitude in that we don’t need to live in a sterile environment, but rather an environment that works for you. In this book, Amanda discusses how to make your home liveable and functional for your lifestyle. You would be amazed how much the environment you are in can affect your productivity and inspiration.

  • The High School Survival Guide – Jessica Holsman

That’s right, written by yours truely! If you haven’t already heard about my book or had a look, I would love you to consider! This book is inspired by all of the wonderful questions I am asked on my YouTube channel and directly to my email. I have also drawn on my own experiences throughout my schooling and university life to address a lot of the challenges we experience throughout our time at school and reassure you that you aren't alone! From managing stress, to socializing in school, staying organized and even figuring out what you want to do after you finish school, this book is a great guide to assist you in getting through the very busy (and sometimes overwhelming) life as a student!


Are you feeling a little off track in terms of your goal setting and where you are heading in the future? These books are super helpful in assisting you to realign your vision and purpose in life.

  • Life Lessons From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma

This book is one that I will always love because it is just so beautiful! It is based around Sharma’s 101 life lessons that he has acquired throughout his life. Each chapter is short (around 2-4 pages), so you don’t need to read it all in one go. There are so many different concepts and ideas that can really help inspire you. Ideas include the importance of being silent and listening, how to create an optimal morning routine and start your day well, how we need to laugh more, and the importance of being humble – this book is full of so many lessons that are suitable for all ages!

  • A New Earth - Eckart Tolle

This is the book that I read before starting Educationery and it certainly had a major influence on my inspiration to start my own business. This novel focuses on deeper themes such as man’s purpose on earth, going about your day being present and mindful, and what it really means to be successful in life.

  • Oh The Places You'll Go – Dr Seuess

I bet you weren’t expecting this book were you? If you haven’t read this since childhood, or haven’t read it at all, go and buy a copy now! The themes and messages that are shared in this book are so phenomenal for every age.This book really resonates with me and I am sure many other entrepreneurs our there too, as it’s all about taking a big leap and making positive and daring changes in life!

  • Craft For The Soul – Pip Lincoln

We all need a little creativity day to day! This book is filled with beautiful illustrations and ideas for adding creativity into our daily lives. Make sure to set aside some time to do something creative and exercise a different part of your brain as a way to nurture your inner child and stay happy!


These books are some food for the soul! These are perhaps a little deeper but really assist you in reaching those lifelong goals in both a practical and spiritual way!

  • The Big Leap – Gay Hendricks

This book helps you figure out what you are doing in your life that may be inhibiting you from achieving your goals. It discusses 'upper limiting' yourself, which is the mistake of reaching a certain point and assuming you can’t go any further or allowing our inner critic to sabotage our success. This book assists you in learning how to surpass this stage and instead, enter your ‘zone of genius’, whereby you begin to live your life in line with your core values and you start to practice being true to yourself.

  • The Desire Map - Danielle Laport

This book is an amazing take on goal setting and has really reshaped my understanding of how I should appropriately set my goals. Instead of creating goals for an end outcome, create them for an emotion you want to ultimately feel, as this is far longer standing in terms of personal progress. This book has a range of ‘core desires’ that you can read through and also contains numerous valuable exercises that will inevitably assist you to create and live the life you truely desire!

  • The Life Plan – Shannah Kennedy

If you are feeling a little lost in terms of your goals, or you are concerned about the balance of you work and wellbeing, this is a fantastic book! Shannah Kennedy is a life coach who discusses important topics such as how to figure out what you want from your life, what success means to you and how to look after your wellbeing. There are also gorgeous quotes and photography throughout the book and sections that you can fill out, making it a really personal journey.

I would love to hear if you have read any of these books! They have really assisted me in my development in all aspects of life and I am sure that they will have the same impact on many of you! Whether it’s reading a chapter, or the entire novel, there are some really fantastic life lessons we can learn.

Happy reading!

Xx Study with Jess

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