​10 Habits of highly successful students!

by Study With Jess

What does being a successful student mean to you? Recently, I’ve had a brainstorm about some of the things that really helped me to reach my academic goals at school, and also some of the things that I could have improved upon. Sometimes we convince ourselves that it’s all about putting our head into our books and coming out of our little study cave at the end of the year or semester – but this is not the solution! Being a successful student means being a well-balanced and committed student. Below are the top ten habits of a successful student!


The sensation of feeling organized and on top of your study life can have a huge influence on your confidence inside and outside the classroom! Be punctual to class, do your weekly readings, do your homework on time and schedule your study routines weekly. By doing this you will not develop excessive stress from feeling behind.


Whilst for some students this may seem daunting, involving yourself in class discussion can be beneficial not only for yourself, but also for your classmates! Often, if one person is confused, there is a large chance other people won’t be understanding it also. By working in groups you are also able to learn things in new perspectives, which might help you retain information better.

3.Help your peers

Be supportive! Successful students don’t draw themselves away from their peers, they work to help them and support them. In return peers will be able to help them when they may be struggling to understand particular information

4.Study Smart

Figure out what works for you and embrace that! Use a variety of study techniques, make the most of your study sessions, don’t procrastinate, and finally make an effort to jot down continuous notes through class and learning times so that you can go back to them in the future.

5.Know your limits

Don’t overdo it. Successful students are able to appreciate their limits and not overstep these. By having expectations that are too high you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead, set challenging, yet accessible goals and when you need a rest, listen to your body!

6.Desire to learn

You will be amazed how much easier it is to do something when you’re passionate about it – be excited to learn! Celebrate the exciting information that you learn with your family and friends, go that extra mile to learn those finer facts that will differentiate you from the rest of your cohort!

7.Well-balanced life

Be balanced! Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Instead, allocate time to family, friends, exercise and your hobbies. Versatility in your life is a great way to keep clear minded

8.It’s not personal

Don’t take a setback personally, we aren’t all perfect. If we receive a result we aren’t happy with, as a successful student we should learn to take this constructive criticism to improve our progress into the future!

9.Prioritize health

Look after yourself! Successful students ensure that their health is always a priority. Always allocated time to exercise, eat healthy food that will feed your brain and finally (and potentially most importantly), make sure that you get enough sleep!

10.Goal Driven

Last but not least, set goals! By having goals it can really help you to appreciate what all the everyday work will amount to in the future. An academic goal doesn’t necessarily have to be a number or a mark! Consider progress, health, organization, and any of the other habits that have been mentioned above.

Come on! Let’s do it! I know that we all have the capability of being successful students!

Xo Study With Jess

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