10 Work Motivation Hacks!

by Jessica Holsman

Do you ever look at your growing to-do list and feel a wave of panic come over you? How are you going to tackle all of those tasks?! Maybe there’s a couple of things on your list that you just can’t bring yourself to complete? If you ever find yourself lacking motivation to actually sit down and work (trust me, we’ve all been there!) then here are 10 ways to increase your motivation and get things done!

1. Create a work ritual: Maybe it’s just me, but I have a habit of always making a cup of tea before I sit down to work. I think I have actually conditioned myself to need a cup of tea nowadays but somehow this simple ritual has a way of helping me enter the ‘work zone.’ Consider whether there’s anything you do before you start working that could also be classified as a ritual. If not, pick something you can do each time you are about to work and it just might help set the tone!

2. Motivational videos: I am huge fan of watching motivational videos online! While I know it can be easy to spend endless amounts of time scrolling through social media, there’s also the opportunity to use it to our advantage and consume content that will in fact inspire us to accomplish our goals. Next time you’re on facebook, check out some of my favourite speakers and coaches including Jay Shetty and Xandria Ooi.

3. To do lists: This goes without saying, but if you want to ensure you get your work done, you need to be clear on what you need to complete.

4. Schedule tasks: Having a to-do list is just one part of being clear on your tasks. It’s important to schedule these in and set aside time to complete each one. Writing them into your diary or planner will increase your motivation to get started as you do your best to stick to a schedule.

5. Batch your tasks: If you have a long list of to-do’s, more often than not, there will be many small tasks. Try allocating some time to complete as many of these small and easy tasks as possible to reduce feeling overwhelmed and allow yourself time and energy to focus on the more important or substantial tasks. I always try to get my errands, phone calls and other odd jobs out of the way at the start because it gets me into a productive state and makes me feel like I am accomplishing A LOT.

6. Avoid starting with emails: The last thing you want to do is start opening up your emails! This is a great way to distract yourself from the tasks at hand, increase your list of to dos and create more stress and overwhelm. If you happen to be greeted by an influx of emails in the morning like myself, chances are that you could end up feeling more tired by the end and lacking motivation to tackle the tasks you originally set out to complete.

7. Start with a task you enjoy: Consider starting with a task you find most enjoyable. Personally, when I used to start revising for exams I would always start by making mind maps because I enjoyed colouring and felt it was more of a creative task!

8. Work in 30 minute blocks: I know I’ve said this before but it’s so important not to push through and work for hours on end. While you might feel motivated at the start of your session, working more long periods of time can often lead to fatigue or feeling restless.

9. Reward yourself: I recommend that you schedule something for the end of the day to motivate you and give you something to look forward to. Some examples are going to dinner with a friend, watching your favourite show, having a bath or going to a dance class.

10. Just start: Remember that the negative feelings before you start are often the worst part about procrastination. If you push passed that feeling of “dread” and just start, often you’ll get into a work flow state. Doing the work is often, if not, always, less painful that the discomfort you feel about having to do the work!

X Jess