​5 Easy Ways To Unplug and Beat Stress

by Jessica Holsman

Do you know how many times you check your phone each day? How long do you spend scrolling through social media? When was the last time you went anywhere without being attached to your phone? 

That last question might evoke a strong fear reaction in most people! The reality is, we have become so accustomed to taking our phones everywhere we go, that we rarely allow ourselves to switch off. Failing to properly unplug can lead to an over stimulated and stressed-out mind, so I wanted to share 5 easy ways to beat stress and create some healthy boundaries to set aside some much needed YOU time!

1. Start your mornings with meditation. Instead of checking your phone first thing, allow your mind and body to wake up gradually and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

2. Leave your phone behind when you go on short outdoor adventures. Next time you plan on taking a walk on the beach, a hike with a friend, or a trip to the park, consider uninviting your phone. If you are in a public place and should need a phone for an emergency, chances are, someone will have one handy!

3. Read a book to unwind, instead of spending time on social media. Books are a great way to relax and still provide your mind with a healthy dose of stimulation.

4. Install apps like ‘Quality Time’ or ‘Moments’ to keep track of how often you use your apps unnecessarily and aim to minimize your phone usage.

5. Go to an exercise class. I’m personally no gym junkie and prefer to opt for yoga and meditation classes but any form of exercise is a great way to ‘switch off.’ I find that yoga has a way of completely stilling my mind and helping me feel much more clear and calm. Plus, you can’t take your phone into class!

Consider other ways that you can implement some healthy boundaries around your tech usage and see how it can help reduce your overall stress levels and boost your productivity!

X Jess