​5 Tips to help you get that internship!

by Study With Jess

So you’ve finally found the intern description for your dream job, what now? I am going to give you five handy tips that will ensure you get that internship!

1. Review and update your resume to contain all the relevant pieces of information they are going to need to know. For example, if you have new qualifications since you last updated your resume, make sure that you are adding them in. Don’t forget to remove any qualifications that no longer seem relevant to the job, for example a babysitting job or a part time fast food job.

2. Prepare your references in advance! Give them a heads up that you are going for an interview and applying for an internship. Fill them in on the description of the role so that if they are asked about you, they can focus on relevant skills and traits.

3. When asked about previous achievements or accomplishments, focus on something relevant to the work. For example, if you had a previous job or internship, think about any time where you saved the company time, money, improved processes or increased profit. If this is your first job, consider mentioning academic achievements such as being class captain, winning an award for academic performance, or raising money for your school or charity.

4. When asked the question, “tell me about yourself” focus on your professional background: work experiences, qualifications and why you’re a good fit for this role. Keep it relevant and don’t go off on a tangent talking about personal and home life unless it is relevant for any reason.

5. Ask thoughtful questions. Make sure to be interested in the company and ask strategic questions to show you are keen to work there. Be sure to research the company prior, so you have things to talk about. Eg. Can you describe a typical day at the office as an intern?

...and a little extra tip here is to save a question for later and follow up! Ring them to let them know how much you enjoyed meeting them and learning more about their business and look forward to being involved. Then, think of a good question to ask. This leaves a lasting impression and if it’s down to you and one other person, it often can tip the scales in your favour!

I hope these tips will help you to land any internship you set your sights on! Be sure to wake up early, have a big healthy breakfast and clear your mind the morning of your interview!

Xo Jess