7 apps to help you be more productive!

by Study With Jess

Hello my favourite study buddies!

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could be more productive or questioning why you just can't seem to stay focused for long enough to complete your tasks? It's normal to need to take a study break from time-to-time but if you are struggling to complete your work and put pen to paper then here are some of my favourite productivity apps to help you stay focused and accomplish more throughout your day!

The internet and mobile phones are often seen as a hindrance to concentration, and I can absolutely agree that sometimes I find it difficult to peel myself away from my social medias to get some work done – so I’m actually really excited to be able to show you some ways to use technology to your advantage.

Below are my 7 best apps for productivity and focus:

1. BRAIN FM – This app is a collection of curated music playlists that help you focus, relax and sleep.

2. SMILING MIND – This is a mindfulness meditation app to help you feel calm, clean and re-focus your mind. I find this app so imperative to unwind on a daily basis as “me time” is sometimes the first thing we sacrifice during intense study periods. It has 1 minute practices too which I love as you can do them anywhere, anytime!

3. POCKET – This app is great! It stores and organizes articles you want to read for later. You can save to pocket from your computer or on your phone if you want to read something later. For example, if you’re on the train about to get to work or school and don’t have time to finish an article, you can save it. This app worked really well for me while I was researching this topic and seeing what sort of apps are out there that can be of help! 

4. HOURS KEEPER – If you need help keeping track of how much time you spend on tasks they this is a great app to help you better budget your time and be mindful of how you spend each precious hour. This app will also work to help you stay productive and reduce procrastination or identify if you need to improve your work/life balance.

5.TRELLO - It’s not really an app, but it’s more of a productivity and organization tool. I found Trello great for organizing projects, group assignments and planning events – I have been using this one for years and it's helped me plan my wedding too!

6. THREE DAILY THINGS – This one is nice and simple – it helps you focus on the 3 main priorities you want to accomplish each day so you don't get caught up in life's distractions.

7. TODOIST – This app manages your to do lists in a really basic format to keep you focused on tasks. You know I'm not a fan of keeping all of my to-do's on a growing notepad so with Todoist you can prioritize tasks, colour-code and categorize them and swipe them away once completed!

So there you have it! I hope you find these apps as useful and effective as I have - I’d also love to hear from you guys about any apps that you LOVE!

Jess Xo