​DIY Vision Board: How To Manifest Your Dreams!

by Study With Jess

Not only do vision boards look beautiful, they are a fantastic way to help us to manifest our dreams and really focus on what we want to gain out of our lives.

The way, in which we think, speak and act, has a huge influence on what we achieve. If we maintain a positive and optimistic mindset, we are programming ourselves for a positive outcome in any journey we may take. A vision board is a great way to document these affirmative thoughts and consistently remind us when we may lose track of where we want to be now and into the future.

Before creating a vision board, we must really think about what we want in our lives. This includes a focus on the values we find important as well as our priorities in terms of family, friends, health and careers. We can also look into our interests and hobbies such as travelling, cooking, music or art. Writing down all of this was one of my favourite parts of creating my vision board as it helped me to collect my thoughts on everything I deem as important in my life and how they all interrelate. After this, it’s time to cultivate a mix of images that represent these goals and aspects of our lives!

I found many of my images on Pinterest but it’s always lovely to include some of your personal pictures too, perhaps with loved ones. Once you’ve printed your images you have a variety of options as to how you will present them. I placed my images on a wire frame I found at a hardware store and pegged the images onto the frame. However I have seen many other vision boards that are on cork boards with pins, printed collaged posters, or pegged polaroids collated onto pieces of string. The possibilities are endless and there is so much opportunity to embrace your own creativity to create a board that inspires the most important person. YOU!

Head over to my Youtube channel to see my vision board and more information on how I created it. I am forever editing it as my goals develop over time!

Xx Study with Jess

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