How to balance school and life!

by Study With Jess

Staying organised may seem simple, until we find ourselves having to balance maintaining our grades at school, staying fit, having a social life, as well as committing to our hobbies, chores at home and potentially a casual or part-time job! I recently heard someone say that while we are all ‘human beings’ we should consider renaming ourselves ‘human doings.’

Our lives consist of many different elements and we need to continuously ensure that we don’t neglect any of these. Balancing all of these aspects may sometimes seem overwhelming. However, if we take the right approach, we can comfortably juggle between them all. Today I would like to focus more in depth on different ways to balance all parts of our lives so that we are left feeling fulfilled and ensure our lives are well organised!

As I have mentioned many times before, it is so helpful to invest in a planner or diary. By using a planner, we can record the amount of time we need to study and then slot in other activities in the gaps. This is a fantastic way to create a visual representation of all aspects of your life. This way, you can see if you are over allocating time to some activities or neglecting others. Also, it helps us to remind ourselves of what we have coming up. For example, you might have a big Saturday family lunch, and an assignment due on the Monday. If you consider this in advance you can then allocate more time in the week prior to ensure that you are not stressed to submit it by the deadline. It’s all about factoring in your various responsibilities and commitments!

Sometimes it’s not about allocating our time, but instead, realising that we are committing to more activities than we can service. We must remind ourselves to not over do it! Whilst it is good to stay busy, hardworking and social, it is extremely important not to burn yourself out. It can become very easy to fall into exhaustion, which can negatively impact not one aspect of you life, but all…

Many of us forget that when organising our lives, we should factor in some ‘me time’, this can be spent however we like and allows us to relax before a big day, or wind down after a busy one. We also need to allow some time for those unexpected surprises that we all come across in life!

Most importantly, remember what is important. Don’t pollute your time, commit to one activity and complete it before moving onto the next, and finally be kind to yourself since we can’t expect ourselves to be in multiple places in one time. Take time for the things you need to prioritise and allow yourself to cut down on activities if you are beginning to feel stressed or overwhelmed.


Xx Study with Jess

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