How to be productive over the holidays

by Study With Jess

I spend a lot of time sharing my top study tips for how to complete homework, study for upcoming tests and exams, as well as tackle those major assignments and projects, but what about when it comes times to study over the holidays? If you want to make the most of your time away from school and strike a healthy study/life balance then here are 7 steps to take!

1. Play catch up or get ahead: Use this time to catch up on some reading or learn more in depth about a topic or subject you are learning in class. You might like to access a wealth of knowledge by checking out some books from your local library or listening to podcasts while soaking up some rays.

2. Make a to do list first: List all the tasks you need to complete over the holidays to help you come up with a work plan first and figure out what you need to do over the coming weeks. This will give you some structure and guidance so that you can work out your schedule and know you are making the most of your time away from the classroom.

3. Take advantage of the AM hours: Considering that we are talking about studying whilst on holidays, it’s important you don’t spend all hours at your desk. Instead, set aside parts of the day to study. Personally, I would use the mornings Mon-Fri to study, and enjoy some well-deserved time off outside of these hours. During the busy semester we don’t have the flexibility of studying when it suits us because of our commitment to our timetable, so make use of this freedom and flexibility and aim to complete your work in the mornings when you are feeling fresh and focused. Then again, not everyone is a morning person so you might choose to study later at night and spend your mornings catching up on some z’s.

4. Use your travel time: If you’re going on a vacation during the holidays then consider making use of travel time too. Buy wifi on the plane so you can do some research for an upcoming project or plan out your essay while waiting in airport. Of course, make sure you allow yourself some down time too when you get to your destination! Personally, I like to write my blogs on flights and happened to write a few chapters of my book during travel time to and from holidays!

5. Head to a café: If you’re staying home over the holidays then change up your work environment. Go to a coffee shop so you still get out and are less likely to procrastinate at home. Knock out your work at your local Starbucks over a cup of coffee (or herbal tea if you’re anything like me) while listening to the relaxing sounds of jazz playing in the background.

6. Set up a group study session: Nothing used to get me into the study zone more than a good old group study sesh! If it’s an upcoming test or major exam that you are lucky enough to look forward to when you get back to school (joy…) then crack open the books and study snacks and make a revision session out of a lazy afternoon.

7. Prepare for the semester or term ahead: A new semester, or any new beginning for that matter, is a great time to re-organise yourself. Tidy up your room, de-clutter your belongings (make sure you cleaned out your school bag before going back!), re-stock any essential school supplies, and please make sure you’ve completed your assignments or homework well before first day back!

I know a lot you are looking forward to a well-deserved vacation in the coming weeks so I hope these tips help! If you happen to be one of my Aussie study buddies and your school break isn’t for a few weeks still, keep these in mind for when you do start your holidays so you can make it a meaningful, productive and relaxing one!

Xo Jess