How to create a homework routine and study LIKE A BOSS!

by Study With Jess

Do you ever sit down to study and do your homework, only to feel as though you are lacking direction and not sure how to tackle the ever-increasing pile of work? If you know your study sessions could do with some fine tuning and are looking for a little structure to help you stay on top of the workload then keep reading as I share with you my favourite ways to create a productive homework routine! These tips are ones that I implement daily when it comes to getting all of my work done and am confident that they can make your study sessions all the more relaxing, enjoyable and most importantly, effective! 

Okay, are you ready to study like a BOSS? 

1.Write it down

Make sure that you record your homework as soon as you receive it in class! There’s nothing worse than forgetting any of the important tasks that you have to complete. 

2. Break it up

If you find that your homework or assignments are overwhelming you and you don't know where to start, break down the tasks into smaller and more manageable goals that can then be scheduled into your planner. Remember guys, how do you eat an elephant? Yep, that's right! One bite at a time!

3. Prioritise your work

Sometimes we might have a large workload and need to focus on getting the important tasks completed first. Ensure that you acknowledge tasks that are weighted more heavily towards your grades, may take longer, or tasks that you find that little bit harder, so that you can allocate appropriate time to these.

4. Study in Blocks

Rather than trying to hit the books for hours on end, aim to take frequent and short breaks. Your concentration after 30 minutes will begin to deteriorate, so instead of trying to get everything done at once, complete tasks in study blocks, allowing yourself short 5-10 minute breaks in between to refresh your mind.

5. Spice up your sessions

Utilise a range of study techniques and add some variety into your sessions. Depending on the task at hand, you might like to employ visual, auditory, physical or written techniques to help you study effectively and consolidate the information. Personally, I am a huge fan of making mind maps, discussing topics out loud and drawing illustrations to simplify complex information.

6. Write down questions

If questions arise during your study sessions, be sure to right them down! By documenting your questions you can rest assure that all of your questions will soon be answered and that there won’t be a nasty surprise when exam time comes around! Also, your teachers will love how prepared and organised you are when you come to meet with them!

7. Begin winding up

To avoid finishing your study session at an awkward point of revision, consider the amount of time it will take to wrap up your study and accommodate for this in your study blocks. Be mindful of the time and allow yourself at least 10 minutes at the end of your session to review what you have done, make a note of what still needs to be completed and also take the time to tidy up your study space.

8. Check your work

This one is an important one! By spending some time reviewing and correcting your work before you submit it, you can avoid losing marks for errors you could have picked up on yourself. This is also a great way to ensure you are putting forward your best work!

9. Log your work

Timing yourself during a study session can be really useful, because it can help you consider which subjects or tasks take more time than you first expected so that you can account for this in your future sessions. Logging your time can also help you consider whether you are being as efficient with your time as you would like to be!

10. Reward yourself

Finally, reward yourself! Hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed. Make sure to follow up your study session with something that you enjoy, such as exercise, a yummy treat, a relaxing bath or television show!

Happy studying!

Xo Study With Jess

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