How to create a productive morning routine!

by Study With Jess

Good Morning Study Buddies!

I’m excited to bring you this blog post today because after taking on this updated routine, I can definitely say I’m twice as productive in the morning and for the entire day, than I used to be. I’ve had a lot of requests to share my morning routine with you all so here it is – along with some tips to set yourself up for a productive day!

1. I wake up 7.30am and I leave my alarm in the kitchen so it’s harder to just hit snooze, and I always try to wake up to natural sun light rather than a dark room.

2. I then head to the couch and meditate for 20 minutes. The first 30 minutes of your day sets you up for how you will spend the rest of your day, so flood your body with oxygen, positive thoughts and feelings of calm. Wake up slowly even by doing some stretches.

3. Make a hot water and lemon tea to help naturally help the body wake up and also detox  

4. While I wait for the kettle to boil I check my diary and weekly desk planner to see what my tasks are for the day. Knowing what I need to focus on for the day ahead helps me to mentally prepare!

5. At approx 8am, once I’ve finish my tea, I get dressed. It’s a really good way to just get going – most of the time I just throw on gym clothes because unless I have a meeting this is what I typically wear during the day. Simple dressing also eliminates once extra decision I’d need to make for the morning.

6. After getting dressed I head into the kitchen and make a healthy smoothie. I love to add greens, berries, almond milk and protein power to fuel my body for the day ahead!

7. At 8.15am I head out for a beach walk (or a hike a few times a week) to really get the blood pumping, get some fresh air and prioritize me!

8. I get back by 9.30am and rehydrate and then I am ready to start the work component of my morning. At this point I am feeling much more energized and prepared.

10. I put my phone on silent off my desk (to avoid distractions and procrastinating) and then I begin working. This can be anything from planning videos, writing scripts, editing footage, creating promos for Educationery and writing blogs etc.

11. Also, I make sure to tidy my desk the night before, so I can sit down to a clean and tidy work space as it’s much more inviting and calming.

12. If I have little tasks/to-dos written down for the day on my desk pad I try to get them out of the way so I feel like I can better focus on just 1 or 2 main projects for that morning. This is something I read about a little while ago and it really does help to increase my productivity and reduce my overall stress level when it comes to work.

13. I make it a habit to get up regularly and move my legs (every 30 or so minutes). Even just re-filling at bottle of water or grabbing a snack. I find that it's really important to give my eyes a break and also move my body so avoid feeling restless or getting a sore neck!

14. My alarm then goes off at 11am to check emails. I set reminders to automate my daily tasks so that I’m not repeatedly checking unnecessarily throughout the day and wasting time on low impact tasks. I try not to start my day with emails otherwise my other tasks tend to get pushed back, and I don’t accomplish the main things I needed to do for the day. TIP: Don’t fill your mind with all the other urgencies of the day at the start e.g. emails, social media, texts. Try to not check your phone for those things right away otherwise it pulls your focus away from the present and what you want to accomplish.

I hope you this has helped you all with your morning routine, and hopefully there will be some points in there that you might be able to implement to help you get through a day more productively and positivity!

xo Jess