How to enhance your morning routine like a BOSS!

by Study With Jess

Hi Jessicats!

So in my last blog post I wrote about my morning routine, and how you could implement them into your lifestyle. This week I have a bit of a continuation of that with five BOSS life hacks that will definitely enhance your morning routine.

1. Don’t hit that snooze button! It starts your day with procrastination. When your alarm goes off, it interrupts the REM cycle and the repeated intrusions every time you hit snooze only disrupt your body’s natural rhythm.

2. Write morning pages - clear your head of bothersome thoughts or worries. Wake yourself up positively with nice music, your favourite tea and sit by a window to take in the morning. If you are too rushed to do this in the morning, do your best to wake up 15 minutes earlier.

3. Prioritize a healthy breakfast and have some food before you begin working to keep your body nourished and fuel your mind.

4. Meditate! Meditate! Meditate! (okay, perhaps adding exclamation points is not very zen of me but meditation is key). It will improve focus, clarity, reduce stress, promote a positive mind set, help with better decision making and it will improve your overall mental health. 

5. Set your intention for the day. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a goal or target; it could just be something you are trying to be more mindful of. For example, to be kinder to yourself, to be mindful throughout the day, to be more optimistic or to keep calm in stressful situations.

These five hacks are super simple but really effective, so try to implement them into your daily routine and see what changes come your way!

xo Jess