​How to get more done in less time!

by Study With Jess

Sometimes the hours in the day don’t seem sufficient for all the tasks we need to complete in our busy lives. Today I would like to share with you my top 7 tips for using your time to the best of your ability to increase productivity! That’s right, I am going to share with you how to get MORE done in LESS time so that you can study smarter!

1.Create a daily plan

I like to write a daily plan each evening for the following day. Writing out a plan helps us to see what we need to complete and further, how we need to allocate our time so we can get all these activities completed. In this plan we should not only include studying, but all aspects of our lives so that we can keep our days organized and ensure we create a healthy balance!

2.Write a to-do list

Similar to above, it is very helpful to write down all the jobs you need to do, whether this be cleaning your bedroom, writing a draft essay or walking the dog. Write down absolutely everything and then you can see which tasks are most important, which brings me to my next tip…


Sometimes activities take longer than expected and we begin to run out of time. To avoid any stress, make sure to prioritize all of the activities on your to do list. I like to do this by considering the importance and urgency of each task. This way, we complete the more important tasks first and leave less demanding tasks for later when we may have less energy.

4.Set time limits

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes we can get too involved in an activity and spend too much time trying to complete it. Whilst it is very important to complete work to the best of our ability, we must remind ourselves that we have multiple tasks to complete and that time must be allocated to them all. Setting a time limit is also a great way to motivate you to work faster and avoid distractions.

5.Track the amount of time spent completing each task

If you spend more or less expected time completing a task, record it! By knowing how long tasks have taken us in the past, we can use these times as indicators for how long these activities may take us in the future. Recording it also helps us to see where we are using most of our time and whether this is efficient or not.

6.Use your ‘waiting’ or ‘down time’ well

There are multiple times in the day where we have ‘spare time’ so I highly recommend that you learn to make the most of it. For example, when I attended high school and had to catch the bus in the morning and evening, I used the extra time to read pages of a textbook or read over my queue cards, rather than staring out the window wishing I was home already!

7.Know when you’re most productive

Some of us are morning people, and work best with a fresh mind at the beginning of the day, whilst others may prefer working in the evening. It is important to recognize which parts of the day you are most productive, and allocate your highest prioritized jobs to these times so you can be confident you are using your time effectively!

Over the years, throughout high school, university and my job today, I have found these 7 tips incredibly fantastic in helping me to be the most productive version of myself! I hope that you can take some of these on board and go into each day feeling in control of your day and stress-free!

Xo Study with Jess 

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