How to Have an Amazing 2018!

by Study With Jess

Hi Study Buddies!

How have the first two weeks of 2018 been treating you? I hope my last blog post inspired you to begin setting yourself some new goals for the year and also to implement healthy habits!

This week I wanted to focus on a range of things including our mindset, behaviours and attitude, that collectively can help ensure 2018 will be amazing! Of course the list is not restricted to just these factors and you are welcome to brainstorm and add to it too, but here it goes:

  1. Care less about what people think of you
  2. Identify and get rid of drainers: Anything that no longer serves you e.g. bad food, toxic relationships, complaining, clutter, etc.
  3. Smile more! Watch a funny movie, be silly, lose your inhibition from time to time and let loose!
  4. Spend less time watching TV
  5. Practice gratitude
  6. Meditate daily (even just for 5 minutes a day to quiet your mind and create a sense of calm)
  7. Focus on your core values and don’t get caught up in life’s distractions. If you value family, friends, being outdoors, or your health, then focus on these for the year. This is what makes you happy and will ensure you utilize the year as best as you can.
  8. Get planning: plan for date nights, holidays, adventures, etc, and pencil these in your diary so you create time for you! Don’t wait until you’re burnt out or neglecting your relationships to then try and find the time. 
  9. Get outdoors daily and stay in touch with nature
  10. Read more – make a list of amazing books you want to read. Reading is food for the soul!
  11. Look for lessons in life’s challenges. There is always something we can take from our experiences.
  12. Embrace change and be open to new possibilities
  13. Keep a journal and write down positive and negative thoughts and feelings to help gain perspective and clarity.

From the list above, what do you think stood out most for you? If you have any more tips on how you plan to have an amazing 2018 I would love to hear from you so be sure to send your thoughts through in an email or via social media @studywithjess!

xo Jess