How to memorize like a PRO!

by Study With Jess

Do you struggle remembering all the information that you take in at school or university? Today I am excited to share with you my favourite tips on how to keep that information stuck tight in your brain! The best part about learning and revising is that there are so many different ways to absorb information depending on the type of learner you are.

Before revising, the most important part is that you record everything that you are taught in class! Make an effort to write down all the necessary information and definitions straight away, that way you can easily review them and ensure that you don’t miss any important pieces of information. 

Now I know there's been a lot of debate about whether or not people should be categorised into one of four learning styles. Personally, I'm not a fan of labels or boxing people in. I do think it's important however to vary your study techniques and rely on a variety of strategies that will make your study sessions more engaging and effective! Depending on the topic and type of information you are trying to study, you might want to consider some of the following study techniques:

1.Visual Study Method

Drawing, creating illustrations and developing mind maps is a great assistive tool if you are wanting to draw on visual methods. I find that visual representations can really help me to understand how things relate to one another, drawing connections between information and simplifying complex theories or concepts. 

2.Auditory Method

This can include both listening and speaking! It can be really useful to rehearse information out loud. You would be amazed how much more on an in-depth understanding is required in order to explain information to somebody else. When I was at school I liked to teach new concepts to my parents and sister in order to cement the information in my own mind, even if it meant talking their ears off sometimes!

3.Read & Write Method

This is a really good study method for when you’re on the move! Reading through notes while on the bus or train (provided you don't get motion sickness!) to school can make productive use of time you wouldn’t have otherwise used well!

4.Physical Method

This one is a fun one! It might mean creating 3D model, choreographing a dance routine or acting out key points to remember a series of information. Moreover, relying on physical methods is a great way to keep your mind fresh and alert as you get your body moving and the blood pumping!

Remember, when trying to memorise information, repetition and commitment is key! The more time you spend effectively applying different techniques and studying the material, the more effectively it will be consilidated into your long term memory and stay there come exam time! 

Xx Study with Jess

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