How To Organise Your Life in 2018

by Study With Jess

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a happy and productive week! I spoke recently about setting values and goals for 2018, so in this post I am going to show you how to organize your life!

1. For the first time, I have decided to buy a monthly wall calendar for work because I have deadlines, projects, important meetings, promotions and sales I want to stay on top of. I am also planning an amazing year for Educationery, along with milestones and events in my personal life that I want to be more aware of in advance, like anniversaries, holidays and birthdays. Filling these out at the beginning of the year and continuing throughout the year will prepare me in advance for when things come up.

2. I also bought some new quote cards because I wanted to re-organize and jazz up my vision board to make some fun changes for the new year. My goals and focus are always slightly changing, so it’s nice to make sure you are creating a workspace that is both inviting and inspiring.

3. As part of organizing your life for 2018, it is imperative that you have a diary or planner (if you prefer to go digital then you can also use an online calendar). The key to organization is about being able to think less, and have your diary/calendar do the work for YOU!

4. The next tip is to create a SET weekly timetable (I pin mine on the wall above my desk so I can always refer back to it easily). Think about what sort of recurring things you have to be mindful of each week and jot these down so you can have it act as a constant reminder. I also keep a weekly timetable on my desk to highlight the top priorities/focus’ for each day of that week and have it readily displayed.

5. Another way to get organized for 2018 is to de-clutter! Think of it like spring cleaning, only I believe the act of spring cleaning should really happen every couple of months or the start of every season! So in saying that, go through your draws, cupboards, bags, wallet, folders and sort through your belongings, before deciding if you need to hold on to it and file it away, bin it, or donate it.

6. Also, while everything seems to quieten down momentarily over Christmas and New Years, the lead up can be pretty hectic for many and then getting back into work or studying afterwards can also be hard. Organizing yourself, your schedule and your belongings means that you can enter a new year feeling confident, on top of things and ready to tackled new and exciting opportunities!

Are you ready for an awesome 2018?

xo Jess