How to study on the weekends!

by Study With Jess

How do you spend your weekends? Sometimes it can be a struggle to adjust your weekends so that they are an appropriate mix of work and play. As I progressed through my school and tertiary education years, I managed to develop a weekend routine that incorporated a substantial amount of work, whilst also allowing time to see friends, family and have some down time. This really helped me to better enjoy my weeks and avoid fatigue or excessive stress throughout my school terms and university semesters. So, what is the ideal weekend study routine and how did I manage to find the right balance?

After a busy week, it is crucial that we use our days over the weekend to energise and prepare ourselves for the following week. If we find ourselves in an energy deficit, or we may not have completed all we wanted to throughout the week, this is also the time to catch-up.

It’s all about balance. Don’t run yourself dry by studying straight all weekend. Equally, don’t wear yourself out by over socializing and not allowing yourself time to sit and relax. Sometimes we might have lots of revision we need to complete, whilst some weekends we might have extra time on our hands for some serious relaxation and pamper time! It’s all about appropriately analyzing how to best utilize your time to benefit your following week. This can vary slightly week to week but where possible, aim to strike a healthy balance!

I cannot stress the importance of not cross polluting your time by switching to and from work and relaxation! Whilst study breaks are crucial, aim to allocate half of the day to study so that you can enjoy the rest of your day without interruption. Relaxation is so much more enjoyable when you feel the satisfaction of knowing you’ve work hard for your well-earned break.

We should aim to enter into Monday feeling fresher than ever, ready to take on the week. A great way to feel that extra bit prepared is to set aside some time on Sunday to plan out and schedule your week. Not only do I like to write down what activities and commitments I have, but I also create reminders of short-term goals I may have for the coming week.

We need to work hard, but we also need to be kind to ourselves. Aim to make your weekend a perfect balance of commitment to your education, physical and mental health, and relationships!

Xx Study with Jess

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