How To Take A Study Break!

by Study With Jess

This week I thought I'd focus on something a little bit different than how to study efficiently. Instead, I wanted to share with you how to break efficiently! It might sound surprising but how you spend your time away from your desk can have a significant impact on your overall productivity and quality of work!

Sometimes we focus all of our energy on our study sessions and forget that our study breaks can be just as important! By creating a study break routine that refreshes you, de-stresses you and helps you to unwind, it can assist you in being able to go back into your study session feeling energized and clear-minded.

With this in mind, I really want to stress that your study breaks are an opportunity for you to practice being kind to yourself! Generally, I think that a 10-15 minute break is appropriate to refresh yourself whilst not getting too distracted. However, be fair to yourself, if you’re feeling extra tired or lacking focus, know that it’s okay to take that extra 5 or 10 minutes to really clear your mind.

For me, it’s about fresh air, tea, a snack and something to reset my body! First, I like to make myself a delicious healthy snack. My go-to snack typically involves cutting up some apple and dipping it in peanut butter, or plating up some biscuits to have with my tea! It can be really therapeutic to just sit down, enjoy the silence and place all my focus on a simple task such as eating or sipping a cup of tea. There’s something so soothing about a hard earned tea after a busy study session!

After this, I love getting some fresh air – this one of my favourite ways to reset after sitting at a desk looking at a screen. You would be amazed how something as simple as checking the mail or just taking a few deep breaths in your back garden can help to refresh you!

Then finally, I love to stretch it out, whether I have already exercised throughout the day, stretching is a great way to wake up your body and help you avoid feeling achey or tight. On days when you are stuck in one position and may get a sore neck this can be extra helpful.

So next time you sit down at your desk and begin planning your next study session, remember to factor in some time to re-fuel and refresh. After all, life is all about striking a healthy balance between work and play!

Happy studying (and study breaking)!

Xo Study With Jess 

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